Unlocking research information

Welcome to this first attempt to make information from the official PO Bulletins available to collectors.  This is another service provided by the Philatelic Federation to members of affiliated stamp clubs.
    Information provided by the Bulletins include -
   New postal services
   Changes in postal rates
   Changes with postal offices (eg, opening, closing)
   Postcode changes
   Other services provided by the PO at the time (telephone, telegraph, telex)     
    Quite a number of postmark and general collectors have enquired about this kind of information.  Since we were unable to access original Bulletins, photocopies of Bulletins from the period 1970-1986 were scanned.  Hopefully, if this information proves of value to collectors, we shall extend the database to cover Bulletins from the Union and rest of the Republic period.  If suitable book scanners can be found, the Federation’s Heritage Committee will scan the periodic Postal Guides as well.   

    Word search on the files is possible with Acrobat Reader DC®, which may be downloaded free from www.adobe.com .  By pressing ctrl + f a small search window opens, where the word (eg, name of post office) can be keyed in.  The word will be highlighted in the text of the document.  By clicking on “next” the next reference will appear.

    Criticism and comment may be directed at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



1970 (#49,50,51,52,53spes).pdf

1971 (#54,55incomplete,56,57,58).pdf

1972 (#59,60,61,62).pdf

1973 (#63,64,65spesiaal,66,67).pdf

1974 (#68,69,70,71).pdf

1975 (#72,73,74,75).pdf

1976 (#76,77,78,79).pdf

1977 (#80,81,82,83).pdf

1978 (#84,85,86,87).pdf

1979 (#88,89,90,91,92).pdf

1980 (#93,94,95,96).pdf

1981 (#97,98,99,100).pdf

1982 #101,102,103,104.pdf

1983 #105,106,107,108.pdf

1984 #109,110,111,112.pdf

1985 #113,114,115,116.pdf
1986 #117,118,119,120.pdf